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Thunderbird wins Gold at 2021 FineWaters Award, as Website Launches for Global Sales

Thunderbird Spirit Water is honored and proud to win the Gold Award for Taste in the Still Super Low Category at FineWaters TASTE & DESIGN AWARDS 2021 in Bled, Slovenia organized in collaboration with the Bled Water Festival.

To celebrate this honor, our new website launches next month where water-lovers around the world can order our premium, award-winning bottled water. Purchases will include 6 pack and case orders. Learn more and sign-up at:

Upon winning the gold medal, Thunderbird Spirit Water Chief Operating Officer, Scott Coulson shared:

“It is truly an honor to be in the company of such incredible brands and we are grateful to be recognized”.

In addition, Uchucklesaht Chief Charlie Cootes proudly congratulated the brand’s global recognition (Thunderbird Spirit Water won in 2019 and now 2021), and shared his excitement for the completion of the plant construction, the hiring of operational staff and getting ready for sales starting in November 2021.

Our water is pure; tested and examined for inorganics, nutrients and microbiology by Health Canada licensed and certified testing facilities.

Our premium water undergoes zero manipulation by any mechanical or industrial intervention. The natural processes of the aquifer creates a perfectly balanced alkaline state.

The “Virginality” of our water is superior with a Nitrate test of 0.00, indicating how protected water is from its surroundings.

FineWaters, created and published by Michael Mascha, educates the consumer, the media, and food and beverage professionals about water. The FineWaters Society was founded in 2008 to create a global forum and to further enhance the visibility of Fine Water and convey the idea that water is not just water but a natural product with terroir and unique characteristics.

Fifty countries participate, representing seven sources of water from around the globe. The waters are blind tasted at room temperature by a jury of 5 water sommeliers with a 90 -100 score system.

2021 judges included:

Jeanette Fili, Sweden’s first certified Water Sommelier through FineWaters academy.

Niko Huber, Water sommelier and CEO of Cana water.

Michael Mascha who created FineWaters in 2002 and is one of the original founders of the Fine Water Society in 2008.

Dr. Elena Berg, an evolutionary biologist, anthropologist, environmental scientist, and water sommelier who is passionate about water and sustainability.

Milin Patel is a Certified water sommelier and business partner with Fine-Liquids, premium water and he has twenty years experience with delivering water consultancy and technology across a broad range of sectors.

The Awards included Under Taste: Still (Super Low, Low, Medium, High), Added Carbonation (Super Low, Low, Medium, High), Natural Carbonation, Curated. Under Design: Glass Design, Pet Design, Aluminum Design, Bag in a Box Design

Learn more and sign-up at:

A very special thank you to FineWaters Founder Michael Mascha and this year’s judges.


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