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Every year, we provide safe water for
First Nations communities.

VIRGINALITY:  Superior [0 - 1mg/l] | Nitrate 0.00

BALANCE:  Still [0 mg/l] | Carbonate 0.0

MINERALITY:  Super Low [0 - 50 mg/l] | 44 ppm

ORIENTATION:  Neutral [6.7 – 7.3] | pH 7.5 Alkaline

HARDNESS:  Soft [0 – 17.1 mg/l] | 28.3

Our superior water quality is reflected in our earthy luxury design of rolling frosted mountains.  We are a world-class lifestyle brand for health-conscious individuals who lead an active and healthy life, in style. 


Our water comes from a premium and exclusive natural spring source located in the temperate rainforest belt along the rugged Pacific Northwest coast of Canadas’ glacier mountains.



Our Water


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